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User Problems:

These generated passwords are even more meaningless and thus are even harder for a user to remember.

Although many users don't, users can choose secure but still meaningful passwords. For example, someone might choose the password ``~(k1)^2Frt" which looks fairly meaningless, but makes sense to the user:

~ is a tilde - a squiggle that reminds the user of her first pet, a ferret
(k1)^2 represents the ferret's name, which is Kiki.
  k1 looks like ``ki", and (k1)^2 is mathematical short hand for ``k1k1"
Frt Is the user's short form for the word ``ferret"

But it is much harder to come up with a justification for a randomly-generated password than from a difficult password that you have created.

Terri 2004-01-05